Health Insurance

An unexpected health event can have severe consequences on your life. Health insurance can help manage medical costs for emergencies as well as regular visits to your healthcare professional.

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What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance helps pay for your eligible healthcare expenses, like emergency room visits, or regular checkups. The coverage is provided in exchange for a premium paid to the insurance company monthly.

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Health Insurance Coverage

Major Medical

Covers inpatient and hospital bills as well as lab tests, physician fees, and more.

Prescription Drugs

Covers the cost of drugs that have been prescribed to you.


Covers many dental procedures and check-ups.


Covers eye exams and prescription eyewear.

Group Coverage

Employer-sponsored coverage for businesses with a couple employees to hundreds of employees.

Medicare Supplements

Provides coverage for things like copayments, deductibles, prescription drugs, and other expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Much More

There are many coverage options available. We’ll help you determine what coverage is right for your situation.


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