Farm & Crop Insurance

Your farm is your home and your business, which makes it absolutely crucial to have proper insurance protection. We understand you’re busy managing a hundred other things, which is why we carefully analyze your risk exposure to determine what farm & crop insurance coverage is needed, then compare quotes from up to 20 top insurance companies.

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What Is Farm Insurance?

Farm insurance provides personal coverage for your home and personal property along with business coverage for your farm liability, equipment, and more. The coverage needed will depend on the size and type of farm you operate. Community Insurance agents will help you determine the coverage needed, then compare quotes from up to 20 insurance companies.

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Farm & Crop Insurance Coverage

Farm Liability

Protects you from lawsuits arising out of damages or injury to another party, like if someone is injured on your property.

Dwelling & Other Structures

Covers your home and other structures, like a barn or pole shed from weather damage, fire, and much more.


Covers accidental death to livestock from things like floods, loading accidents, electrocution, and more.

Personal Property

Covers your personal items, like clothes, furniture, appliances, and more.

Farm Personal Property

Covers property used in your operations, like office equipment, farm machinery, tools, and other supplies.

Worker’s Compensation

Covers employees if they are made ill or are hurt on the job. Pays for medical bills and lost wages.

Crop Insurance

Covers damage to crops from hail, flooding, and other natural disasters.

Much More

There are many coverage options available. We’ll help you determine what coverage is right for your situation.

Farms Covered

  • Crop Farms
  • Livestock Operations
  • Agritainment Risks
  • Vineyards
  • Hobby Farms
  • And more



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